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Improve Your View by Clearing Out the Brush

Some Georgia homeowners have large, wooded backyards full of unwanted trees and overgrown brush and weeds. When you're ready to clean up your property, turn to Lead Foot Mulching and Grading, LLC in Social Circle & Monroe, GA.

We offer complete forestry mulching services to get rid of dense underbrush and trees to make more room in your yard. We can safely and easily bring down fully grown trees, remove underbrush and stumps and grind everything into mulch that you can use to insulate and enrich your soil.

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Benefits of natural mulching

Benefits of natural mulching

If you're not planning to build on your woodland lot, you won't need full land clearing services. Forestry mulching is a great alternative that cleans up the look of your landscape and...

  • Reduces the risk of erosion around your lawn.
  • Prevents tree disease from spreading.
  • Stops wildlife from nesting in overgrowth.
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